“We only live in the perpetuity of now.”
– Samantha Aeschbach

Twice certified Personal Development Coach


13 years in the diplomatic career as a consular officer


International keynote speaker


Coaching available in English, German, Italian and Spanish


Me As A Coach

I am Samantha Aeschbach a multi-lingual certified Personal Development Coach and Trainer, as well as a keynote speaker.

I bundled all my knowledge, experience, further education, my persona and my heart as well as my worldwide work experience, and I now offer coaching courses for private individuals and trainings for companies in the areas of “Mindfulness”, “Personal Responsibility”, “Stress Mindset Management” and so much more. 

The most accomplished of us can reach a point in our lives where we feel spinning out of control on the treadmill of this hectic modern life or stuck in a life that feels foreign. We feel trapped in our limiting beliefs that hold us back, we forsake our health and fitness and live forced happy lives. This can result in stress, anxiety, irritability, exhaustion and feeling deeply unfulfilled and purposeless. 

We all have the resources we need to break through our own thoughts, build-up our resilience to stress, take back control and rediscover our passions.

However, sometimes we just need some help (the proverbial kick in the butt) to discover how to lead and thrive again. This is where I come in.

I love what I do and my passion to help people encourages me in my bigger mission to transform one person or group at a time into who they genuinely are. Together, like a ripple effect, we can nudge change in ourselves and the people around us.

With my coaching and trainings I facilitate transformational change in people’s lives, push them to create new choices and align with their true self. I help people uncover the potential of greatness and fulfillment that lies within each of us! We all carry within ourselves the blueprint to our authentic nature: let us discover it together!



As a child and young adult, I escaped my life circumstances (a childhood punctuated by precarious living arrangements, forced relocations, financial insecurities, emotional abuse and witness to physical abuse) by burying myself into all kinds of books at my local library.

I loved to travel through time and space with Isaac Asimov, to explore the cholera-infested lands with G. Garcia Marquez, to delve into alchemy with P. Coelho and to go onto many other adventures with other great authors. 

At 19 I decided to take the reins of my life in my own hands and create my own destiny and freedom. I started to travel and explore the real world.

Having obtained my diploma in the tourism sector, I left Switzerland to learn how to be a table dealer in Asuncion, Paraguay. 

After two colorful years in the Casino industry, I worked with an Italian cruise ship company that took me on adventures all over the Caribbeans, Brazil and the Mediterranean Sea for the next two years. In between sailing contracts, I studied languages, and in between languages I started to work for several hotels in Lugano, Switzerland. Thanks to my multilingual capabilities, I also served as a translator with the local police force. 

At 27 I got catapulted into the diplomatic world by taking action and applying with the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs for a career in the Consular Section.

For the following 13 years, I had an amazing career and extraordinary opportunities. My longing for stability and adventure, travel and insatiable desire to explore new cultures, with opportunities to help many along their journey (consular protection and volunteering) were met with the diplomatic passport. 

This whirlwind of a life gave me so much: it had well taken care of my “hedonistic me” as well as my “altruistic me”. On the other hand, however, I had forgotten to take care of the “holistic me”. And so, at 39, I decided to quit my job in order to dedicate my full attention on my spirituality and further self-development.

I started to travel, to volunteer, to take university courses and complete my two diplomas as a Personal Development Coach, I went on a 170K-pilgrimage, to attend conferences and lectures all over Europe, to meditate daily formally, informally and in intensive retreats, three months of introspection by isolation, to cultivate silences and laughter alike, to live every moment with the intensity that only the Now can give, to make new friends, to rediscover old ones and to let go of others, and finally to uncover new layers of my genuine self.

May you always live in The Golden Moment of Now.


What They Say About Me

“I went to Samantha’s coaching because I suffered from panic attacks and general fears, and it truly helped. During her treatments, Samantha creates a very safe atmosphere so that I felt always comfortable and understood. The most surprising fact to me were the instant and lasting results of her coachings. Right after every session I felt so much better, and today I can say that I am cured after a few  sessions with her only. I highly recommend Samantha’s coaching to everybody suffering from a similar diagnose.”
Annina F.


¨I am happy to recommend a great experience that I had last December: the “Resilience to Stress” Seminar presented by Samantha to the staff of the Embassy of Switzerland in Belgrade. Samantha’s presentation was well structured, mindful, instructive and didactic. As well as my colleagues, I find really useful the new knowledge that was so effectively presented and that I already have started to apply in my own life. I especially enjoyed the meditation at the end of the presentation: Samantha’s smooth voice suggesting the technique of relaxation were the highlight of the seminar. I highly recommend this Seminar and Samantha Aeschbach – see for yourselves, you will enjoy it too!¨
Budislava S.

Swiss Embassy Belgrade, Serbia

« Le cours de Mme Aeschbach pose les bonnes questions sur les causes du stress et lance une réflexion pertinente sur les moyens dont nous disposons pour y faire face. J’ai eu beaucoup de plaisir à suivre ce cours avec tous les collaborateur/trices de l’ambassade. Au-delà de la gestion du stress, c’est également un moyen de renforcer l’esprit d’équipe entre nous. Notons encore que l’énergie et le dynamisme de Mme Aeschbach y sont pour beaucoup dans la réussite de ce cours. »
Philippe G.

Ambassador, , Swiss Embassy Belgrade, Serbia

«Samantha taught me in focus meditation and we held several meditation exercises together. She understands how to build a spiritual and warm atmosphere around – whatever place we have chosen for the meditation sessions. I like her calming voice and hope she is offering more on youtube for those who cannot meet her in person. I can highly recommend her if you are interested to get into a daily meditation practice. Looking forward to the next sessions with her.«
Susan H.


Tidbits of Me

Diplomas & Certificates
  • Dipl. Syst. SpirituellerCoach & Achtsamkeits Trainerin (CTAS)
  • Dipl. Syst. Coach & Beraterin (CTAS)
  • NLP Practitioner (RSCI/NLPC/COMENSA)
  • Positive Psychology Course Certificate (The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA)
  • De-Mystifying Mindfulness Course Certificate (Universiteit Leiden, NL)
  • 60 Hours Vippasana Meditation Certificate (Mahashakti Escuela de Yoga Integral)
  • UNDSS Family and Personal Security and Protection Workshop
  • South America Rapid Intervention and Support Group (GIAR SA)
  • Krisenmanagement Kurs (EDA)
  • Krisen Einsatz Pool (KEP) Kurs 1 & 2 (EDA)
  • SDC Safety and Security Course (EDA/SDC)
  • Visual CV
  • Close encounter of the third kind with two hammerhead sharks in the Galapagos.
  • Got lost in the jungles of Guatemala, Belize and Colombia….!?!
  • Hiked over 1500K of trails worldwide.
  • Raced down the Death Road, Bolivia.
  • Traveled on the back of a truck along turkeys to a remote Guatemalan region.
  • Surfed the dunes of the Peruvian desert.
  • Walked on fire.
  • Suffered from hypothermia in the Arizona desert and on the Inca Trail in Peru. Both times it had snowed in areas where it seldomly does.
World Traveler
  • Lived in 18 countries.
  • Travelled to over 70.
Culture and taste explorers
  • Drank fresh yak milk with elder women in Bhutan.
  • Ate cow heart and pigeon in Bolivia.
  • Ate unidentified food in Thailand.
  • Was guest of honour at an indigenous wedding in Otavalo, Ecuador.
  • Got fed beans by a local family in a remote mountain village in Peru.
  • Had a sacred Ayahuasca ceremony with an 103-year-old Shaman in Colombia.
  • Earthquake evacuations in Haiti and Nepal.
  • Refugee Camp in Serbia.
  • Three months on a hobby farm in Switzerland.
  • Fundraiser for the Quilima community in Bolivia.
  • Hare Krishna Temple in Colombia.
Why SatiHouse?

Sati is a Pali word (a native language of the Indian subcontinent used in the original earliest literature of Buddhism) that is nowadays commonly translated into English as “mindfulness” or “awareness”.

The idea of living in awareness of ourselves in connection to the present, where we dwell, our “house”, resonated with me from the moment I discovered mindfulness.

The body, our home, is always in the present: it’s the anchor to the now. Recognizing that we live in this moment, allows the past to be a memory and the future a sea of possibilities.

Bonus Tidbits
  • I believe that Universal Love is what unites us all in the fabric of this universe.
  • I believe that each one of us is special in his/her unique way.
  • I absolutely, unequivocally and unapologetically adore llamas!