“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” – Rumi


All Sessions Take Place Online

Total Relaxation Session

From the convenience and comfort of your home

When you permit your mind to quiet down, to just be you, do nothing for the duration of our time together, you will start to feel calmer, more energized, and totally relaxed.

Because you allow my voice to guide you through the visualizaiton session, you start recognizing all the benefits of letting go of your daily preoccupation, frustrations, anxieties, and circular thoughts.

This will feel like a spa day for your soul. Soul wellness from your own cozy couch!

Commitment level: very low. Very little active participation is required during this session. No previous experience with Meditation/Visualization required. To personalize the session, the client will receive a short questionnaire that needs to be filled at least 48h prior appointment.

Let’s talk to get to know each other, see if we are a good fit, and schedule our 1st session.

*for more details you can check the Theta Package

Limited Special COVID-19 Offer – Can be bought as ❤︎Gift Coupons
1 session lasts 45 to 60min

Because we all have been affected in one way or the other by these extraordinary circumstances, I have decided to offer these discounted sessions.

If you or a loved one have directly been affected (loss of income/illness) please contact me to discuss other possibilities.

1 session – CHF 110.00 (normally CHF 180.00)
3 sessions – CHF 290.00 (normally CHF 450.00)
5 sessions – CHF 440.00 (1 session is FREE -normally CHF 720.00)

Let’s talk to get to know each other, see if we are a good fit, and schedule our 1st session.


Can Coaching tackle difficult personal issues, and promote individual change?



Can Coaching promote greater productivity, and facilitate quicker action?



Can Coaching help you discover your liming beliefs, and help you be more expansive?



Can Coaching support you in focusing on your future, and allow you to get there even faster?


What is Personal Development Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful guided methodology that allows you to find your own answers to the life circumstances you want to change. Coaching understands that you have the wisdom within to go from where you are to where you want to be. 

Why Coaching?

May I ask you something?

Have you ever made a mistake or a mess out of something? Well, I know that I have, big time.

Have you ever felt you are missing out in life, or that you still need to develop your full potential, perhaps feel too stressed, anxious or close to a burnout, have irrational phobias, doubt yourself and/or forgiveness for yourself or someone else eludes you? To some degree, we all have been there. 

To hire a Personal Development Coach is to get someone to accompany you towards your personal goal even more quickly and efficiently, as well as to give you that proverbial kick in the butt.

A coach keeps you accountable for your own success.

A coach can be the catalyst for deeper transformation on all levels: of the mind, emotional, behavioural and even on the spiritual level. A coach accompanies you on a deliberate and conscious change: from your current life situation to your preferred state and desired outcome.

As you start to recognize and notice that your own thoughts and behavioral patterns can limit you, you will allow yourself to grow beyond the artificial boundaries that you have drawn and sometimes imposed on yourself.

Allowing change is understanding that you are whole as you are, and all answers are within you to uncover. You will learn to ask questions and reformulate your statements. 

As you shed the unsustainable construct of your limiting beliefs, you generate the freedom of choice beyond the obsolete unconscious programs that run your life and keep you stuck in the same rut.

You create new behaviors that manifest a more fulfilling experience in every area of your life.  We all need to be smarter, think more creatively, communicate better, enjoy more harmonious relationships, and do things more efficiently and with determination, certainty and clarity.

Most importantly we need to have more fun, energy and enjoy life more. 

What matters now is whom you decide to become and how you show up in the moments of facing the inevitable. When we are in alignment, when we operate consciously and in harmony with our whole self (mind, body and spirit), we have an extraordinary opportunity for growth, expansion and wisdom.


Coaching Packages

Congratulation on taking the first step on this journey towards an even better version of your true self! I invite you to book your free “Discovery Phone Session” to assess if I am the right coach for you. As a metric, my clients show a high degree of willingness to change, to unlock their potential, to overcome fears, to break old beliefs and patterns.

Should you not feel there quite yet, that is perfectly fine. In the meantime feel free to download my complimentary “29 Days Challenge” in the Secret Library, to start your amazing journey of Personal Development and transformation into the best version of yourself.

For availability and pricing enquire here.

Our Theta Package is tailored for individuals who simply want to become more relaxed, sleep better, overcome specific anxieties (flying, traveling, exam, etc.), receive a boost of self-esteem, understand themselves better and so much more.

During this session, you are mostly passive and enter a light trans-like state. No matter for what purpose you have booked the session, by the end of each you will feel calm and totally relaxed.

For more information about trans-like states check out the FAQ. As you totally relax throughout this session, you recognize the benefits of letting go of your daily preoccupation and circular thoughts. Allowing your mind to quiet down, means getting in touch with deeper parts of yourself and understanding that your life happens in the here and now. It is in the now that we have better control of our responses to external circumstances. 

Commitment level: low. Very little active participation is required during this session. The client will receive a short questionnaire to be filled at least 48h prior our session.

These packages are great as single sessions or in conjunction with any other package. Packages of 1, 3 or 5 sessions available. Can be bought separately as ❤︎Gift Coupons.

For availability and pricing enquire here

The Delta session is your, so to speak, classical coaching session. Even though there are no cookie cutter solutions given that each individual is unique. Here we will explore the desires and new outcomes that the client wants for him/herself, and plan a strategy on how to achieve that. 

Commitment level: medium-low. Participation is required during this session; as life circumstances, personal traits, wished goals and achievements will be discussed. You will receive a questionnaire that needs to be filled at least 48h before the session.

These packages are great as single sessions or in conjunction with any other package. Packages of 1, 3 or 5 sessions available. Can be bought separately as ❤︎Gift Coupons.

For availability and pricing enquire here.


The most popular package is the half a day intensive Alpha-Package (up to 4 hours*). This package has been called by some of my clients as the total “Reset Package”.

Through the intensive work we do in this one session, you will experience a resetting-like feeling of your emotional state. You will work to uncover the possible root cause of the five strongest perceived negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt) and possibly trigger the release of their blockages.

Because you will go through and ultimately let go of the unnecessary and unresolved emotions, that have piled up over the years and are recurrent in every current reaction, your will notice liberating feelings throughout your core and being. 

Commitment level: medium/high. You must be open to new learnings and concepts, be comfortable using your imagination and visualization, commit the time and effort. This package can be combined with any of the other packages. 

The client will receive a questionnaire that needs to sent back electronically at least 48h before the session. 

For availability and pricing enquire here.

*Occasionally, this session needs to be divided into two sessions due to the intensity of it. Should this happen, the cost remains the same. 

Can be bought as ❤︎Gift Coupon.

It is in the Beta Package that you uncover what is holding you back, your Limiting Beliefs, formulate your Driving Question and sets specific Goals.

This package is for you, if the patterns of your thoughts are in opposition to your current goals, you take self-destructive decisions, you lack drive and self-esteem to transform your dreams into reality, you are overwhelmed and cannot commit, you are stuck in your life, and/or you lack purpose, etc.

Your work will help you release, transform and access levels of personal growth that were previously unknown to you.

Commitment level: high. You do much of the self-discovery work through a series of exercises and guided questions. This package is spread over a period of two months and consist of 4 sessions. Ideally, a two-week break is scheduled between each session in order to have enough time to finish the assigned homework and assimilate the learnings.

Download the complimentary “29 Days Challenge” from the Secret Library, to start familiarising yourself with the active journaling task. Can be combined with any of the other packages.

You will receive a questionnaire that needs filled at least 48h before the session.

For availability and pricing enquire here.

Can be bought as ❤︎Gift Coupon.

Unfortunately, no appointments available for this package.

The Gamma Package is the most comprehensive and intensive program yet. At this level, you are working at a particularly deep and personal understanding of yourself, where you will reach levels of unprecedented awareness or your true self.

This package focuses foremost on your values and the five dimensions. This process is based on the trice scientifically validated St.Gallen Coaching Model (SCM) ®, developed by the CoachTrainderAcademieSchweiz from which I have two of my diplomas as a Personal Development Coach. 

Commitment level: very high. You complete a series of questions and are guided through trans-like states to formulate your own answers. This process can be emotional, is deeply personal and highly transformational. This exclusive package includes 12 sessions distributed over a period of 4 to 6 months. You must be ready for the high commitment and intensity that this transformative journey will take you through. 

You will receive a questionnaire that needs to be filled at least 48h before the first session.

For availability and pricing enquire here.

Can be bought as ❤︎Gift Coupon.

Curious? Want to know more? Yes? 



Is Coaching for me?
If you are a motivated person, who wants to experience real changes, who wants to produce palpable results and is willing to do the inner as well as the outer work to achieve your goals, then yes! Coaching is for you.

Coaching will keep you focused, on track of your goals and will keep challenging you to grow into the wonderful person you are. Moreover, I won’t let you off the hook so easily and will help you keep your newly acquired habits.

Nevertheless, the work to be done is your responsibility alone, you are in charge of whom you want to be. Every action you take defines the person that you are. Let this person be the best possible version of yourself.

Will I get there?
Yes! Absolutely!

Results are inevitable when you are willing to commit and do the work. It is simply a matter of time. Sometimes results occur really quickly, sometimes it takes just a little longer. It all depends on various reasons, such as your skill set and background, your determination and confidence, your mindset and commitment, and foremost your willingness to change your old habits and belief systems.

What does Personal Development Coaching do?

  • Helps discover your own path
  • Tackles difficult personal or work-related issues
  • Focuses on individual behavioral change
  • Explores subjective experiences
  • Focuses on your future and where you want to be
  • Promotes greater productivity and faster action
  • Provides learnings and new perspectives about yourself through open communication
  • Clarifies your values and your own truth
  • Helps you discover your old beliefs and attitudes that may be holding you back
  • Helps you gain awareness of your blind spots
  • Provides emotional support, empathy and encouragement

Furthermore, I work with my clients in many other different areas, such as any of the following topics:

  • Anxiety
  • Stress and related symptoms
  • Emotional distress
  • Phobias and fears
  • Root cause of a problem and/or limiting belief
  • Elicitation and designing a new driving question
  • Creating an aligned goal
  • Forgiveness for self and/or others
  • Self-image
  • Resolution of internal conflicts
  • Self-esteem

What is and isn’t a Personal Development Coach?
A coach is neither some sort of sage with infinite wisdom and knowledge nor a psychiatrist or psychologist (if you have been diagnosed by a specialist, you have to ask permission to see me). Each coaching relationship is unique, and therefore no cookie cutter formula will be applied to “similar” cases.  A coaching session differs from conventional therapy insomuch that years upon years of sessions are never the case.

The aim is to effectively and relatively quickly give the client the appropriate knowledge to live an intense life with the necessary equanimity and peace of mind and soul. A coach is not your good or best friend, where to simply talk and brainstorm ideas. This relationship is unilateral: only you matter. Only your agenda will be discussed, focused and worked upon.

What can I expect from you?

  • My 100% commitment and attention to your agenda and your success alone.
  • Passion and love for what I do.
  • My positive, supportive and non-judgmental attitude at all times.
  • My confidentiality.
  • My commitment to create a safe environment where you can freely tell your story and your truth.
  • My guidance in uncovering what is holding you back or stuck, helping you create your empowered beliefs to live the life you want, as well as attaining your goals.
  • My help for you to achieve the change you desire and live in alignment with who you truly are.
  • My assistance in living your life from the Now, instead of reacting from your past programs and experiences. Gain new glasses to look at life through, so to speak.

Remember that you don’t need to hire a coach as you are already a perfect human being. I am here merely to offer you my guidance for you to reveal the awesomeness you already possess and let it happen even faster.

Are you certified as a Coach?
Yes. I have gained my two Life Coach diplomas with the CoachTrainerAkademieSchweiz (CTAS) as a Systemic Coach and Consultant as well as a Spiritual and Mindfulness Trainer. Furthermore, I am a certified NLP Practitioner and RSCI Coach (CCE – International Coach Federation). See also “Diplomas & Certificates” in Tidbits.

What is your driving belief and what are the core principles of your Coaching practice?
As long as our relationship lasts I will be fully committed and focused on you and your goals: your agenda is my agenda. Our relationship is based on truth, openness and trust. This means that I owe my loyalty to you alone and will serve you honestly and sincerely, whilst never breaking the trust you have given me. 

Confidentiality is a must. From your part, I will expect openness to new ideas and trust that I only have your greater good as my interest. Our relationship is based on a sense of equality and collaboration, where an environment where the truth can be told is promoted, mistakes can be made and insights discovered. 

What is your specialization?
In the last two decades, I have specialized in how to build resilience to stress, how to manage a crisis (personal or external) and how to prevent burnouts.

My Personal Development Coaching practice guarantees that you will resolve your own perceived life burdens, emotional baggage from your past, replace any limiting beliefs, find in-depth understanding of who you genuinely are, how you got to be where you are, resolve internal conflicts, change your thinking habits, and most importantly become the rightful master of your own destiny and universe.

All this with you taking full responsibility to transform and keep the change within yourself.  Furthermore, if you choose to work with the St. Gallen Coaching Model (SCM) ® from the CTAS, your values are the core topic we will be working on. The model is context independent and can be therefore applied to whatever life circumstance you want to work on.

The solutions will emerge from within you. As a client, you will learn practical tools on how to achieve private and professional goals, to acquire a view of the whole system, to develop an instinct for what is actually going on, and to practice and change complex internal structures. You will design coherent and sustainable developments. 

In the last couple of years, I have discovered the powerful tool of Mindfulness and relaxation techniques through trance-like states, which have become one of my passions due to their simplicity and effectiveness. 

Why should I pay to talk to a stranger?
The role of a coach is to provide a unique and personalized support, full attention and commitment directed exclusively towards you, the client, and your needs or desired outcomes. You are what is important and what the conversation will be focused on. The exchange and insights are facilitated through questions, reflections, explanations, tasks, exercises, etc. Your goals and objectives become the center or my world and the only agenda happening is yours. As an effective coach, I will work with you to help you live a better and richer life, additionally to your specific goal. Our relationship will be like no other you have experienced before, simply because I will be committed to your goals, growth and person, but will maintain an objective, compassionate and non-judgmental detachment in order to serve you better: that sweet intersection between a mere client and a friend.  Our partnership will be characterized by open communication, total honesty, and both parties will have 100% responsibility on the outcomes, as well as genuine feedback acceptance based on mutual trusts and respect.  As I understand that we are constantly learning and in perpetual development, I will help you reach the point where this process is a welcomed one and change is neither unwanted nor feared.  For more information about the various possibilities where to go for counseling or advice, you can read my blog.
Can I afford you?
This is actually an investment in yourself, your present moment and ultimately your future. This is an investment in your dreams, in saying yes to yourself and aligning with your full potential. What you can not afford is to continue paying the price for the “life circumstance” you are currently dealing with.


What is my investment and commitment as a Client?
To determine if we are a match and that we can work together, you will need to be committed to your personal improvement:

  • You are making a commitment with yourself and me that you will follow through with the process of self-improvement. 
  • You are willing to make the time investment as well as the financial one for the ultimate achievement of your goals.
  • We have the FREE 20-minute “Discovery Phone Session”.

Who has the responsibility and ownership for my success as a Client?
My responsibility as a coach and commitment to you is that I, for the time that we spend together, will dedicate my full attention and knowledge to your service and the objectives that have been agreed on. Should a conflict of interest arise, and/or you have a diagnosed ailment, I will refer you to a specialist.  The responsibility to achieve your goals lies solely with you. For you to choose to see me, you will have to first and foremost make a commitment with yourself to be willing to learn and be open to new ideas. For you, the client, this commitment means a financial investment, as well as time wise and personal growth. It is your choice and your desire to change, to discover, to improve the way you perceive, appreciate and see your life, that has driven you to come and see me. 
The most important tools at your disposal are responsibility, accountability, commitment and clarity of the goals (which we will set forth at the beginning). For these, I would like for you to be aware, that you will receive various task during the time we work together. Depending on the given tasks, they will enable you to deepen the knowledge about yourself, the model/filter through which you view the world, your real values and so forth. Tasks confer a meaningful value to the whole experience, through ownership of the new learnings and the deeper understandings that you will experience. 
With perhaps a little nudge, the right questions and tools from my part, I firmly believe and I am convinced that you have the ability to achieve your desired outcomes. You are an awesome being.

With whom does your loyalty stand?
In a coaching relationship, I serve the client that I am coaching. My loyalty and secrecy lies with my client and not the Sponsor (person or company who is paying for the sessions). In this safe and confidential environment, you will be allowed to explore your thoughts and feelings privately.
Will I be judged?
No. The coaching will always happen in a non-judgmental environment! For a judgment-free mind is a calmer mind that allows to uncover the links between the behavior and the results the client is getting. Judgment is replaced by curiosity: what is actually happening and what is relevant to the goals of the client? 

I prefer to have my coaching online, is this an option?
Yes. In today;s busy and online world, this is certainly a valid option. When a one-on-one meeting is impractical, some clients opt for a phone or skype call. Some even prefer the privacy that this option offers.

Therefore, this can be an additional option to the face-to-face meeting or be the only way we conduct our sessions. This is entirely up to you. However, some of the packages are to be done in person: such as the Alpha Package and at least the first couple of session of the Gamma Package. 

How long will a coaching session last?
The sessions will typically last 50 minutes, nevertheless, allow up to 60 minutes. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, face-to-face or via Skype.


What is a trans-like state like?
A trans state is like deep relaxation or that sweet state of just waking up, that moment when you find yourself between two worlds, two realities. We experience trans-like states  when we daydream or when we are lost in our thoughts and ignore how we got home; these are normal every occurrence.

Therefore, a trans-like state is a highly familiar and safe place to be in.  This trans state is evoked through a text that was especially tailored for you, the client, keeping your needs and desires in mind. You are “asleep” but yet awake, and so is your unconscious mind. You are always in total control.

Should you feel uncomfortable at any moment you can interrupt the session at any time. Nothing can be suggested that goes against your personality structure, values and/or morals. If you were to hear anything that you disagree with, you would immediately “wake-up”.  No matter for what purpose you have booked the session, by the end of each you will feel calm and totally relaxed. A welcome and much needed restored balance between our hectic life and harmony. 

Why a guarantee?
I know that both my coaching and my mindfulness courses work, as I care for sharing only super high-value material with my clients and I want you to feel 100% comfortable in hiring me as your coach/trainer. I want you to feel safe in knowing that you can try my coaching programs and workshops out, and make sure this is exactly what you need to create a transformation and discover your next level of awareness.

In the unlikely event that you don’t feel that the chosen program\package is for you, simply let me know at the end of your first session, and I’ll refund your entire investment.

The individual session also benefits from this satisfaction guarantee. I know that you’ll be happy with the results. Should you, however, for any reason not be satisfied with the paid single session, I will refund the fee.

This guarantee does not apply to mindfulness sessions and coaching packages bought at a discounted price: that is any package where one single session is also available.